Friday, October 3, 2008


Kerala is famous for its metal artisans. Bell metal, white metal, iron, brass, copper art flourishes in these luxuriant back waters. These forms of traditional of handicrafts dates back to a glorious past. Steeped in mythology, idols of deities like Shiva and Nataraj dominate the themes. An alloy of brass, tin and copper, glistening bell metals are also used to cast magnificent lamps in various shapes and sizes. Lamps are an integral part of the lives of the religious Keralites. the main one is ‘Nilavilakku’There are also other kinds of lamps like the Changalavatta or the Greek lamp, the Arati Dipa and the Archana lamp.
Now we returns to kannur ,, there are lot of artisans makes diffrent kinds of metal lamps for homes especiially designed for special lamps for temples &other religious activities
around kunhimangalam & payyanur.. famous bellmetal workers makes their famous traditional lamps called lakshmi vilakk

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